dinsdag 11 augustus 2020

August Fun!

I’m participating in a new daily collage challenge at Instagram: August Fun. I discovered it at day 5.

Day 5 was polka dots. I cut a lot of circles from polka dot paper and glued them on a previously prepared gelliprint with sewing lines.

Day 6 was flowers. I have a lot of old gardening magazines, so I could cut out a lot of flowers and glued them on a painted book page.

Day 7 was faces. I made the border a long time ago and added the altered people.

Day 8 was underwater, perfect for this underwater background in my stash. I added postage stamps to make a nice collage.

Day 9 was paisley, which I combined with the Crea 5220 prompt. I wrote about it here. Day 10 was mandala. August Fun is a collage challenge, but I bended the rules and drew a mandala in my Moleskine pocket on a painted background.

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