maandag 29 mei 2017


I finished the last 4 prompts of Daisy Yellow’s Wonder31 prompts in my altered book. For prompt 28 I used a photo of a kaleidoscope I made in 2011. It's a detail of my embroidery made with an online tool. Take a look at the other kaleidoscopes I made at time the here. the background is acrylic paint and washi tape.
28 Kaleidoscope
For prompt 29 I made a collage from magazine clippings and an old typed page from a book report a made for my school exams, many years ago. I’m glad I still have these, because I don’t have a typewriter anymore.
29 Typewriter
Prompt 30 was difficult. I tried to make thunder clouds with black and white acrylic paint. The word bliksem (which is Dutch for lightening) is cut from shiny golden origami paper.
30 Thunder & lightening
Of course I had to use my zodiac sign for prompt 31. I found this cross stitched Saggitarius last year at my parents’ house. I remember I stitched this many many years ago, so it’s nice to finally use it.
31 Zodiac
I'm glad I finished my prompts in time for ICAD, which starts on June 1. You can read all about ICAD at Daisy Yellow.

zondag 28 mei 2017

Randje 65, 67, 68 & 83

I’m still working on my borders for Randje per week 2015. More info about this SAL at Randje per week.
 These were the last borders on page 10.

maandag 22 mei 2017


I finished prompts 21-27 of Daisy Yellow’s Wonder31 prompts in my altered books. For prompt 21 I took a pretty photo and cut it in pieces. I glued them in my altered book, added green acrylic paint and drew a few red lines with a Fude ball.
21 Horizon
For prompt 22 I painted the background in orange acrylic paint. While I waited for it to dry I wrote about our uncertain times (my husband lost his job last month). I used an orange gell pen. I tore the paper in pieced and collaged it to the background. The quote is added with a bold marker.
22 Uncertain
Prompt 23 reminded me of the batik scraps of the first fabric book page I made a few years ago. It had Mistyfuse at the back, so I could iron the batik roosters to my collage.
23 Batik
I knew prompt 24 was fruit, so I was putting fruit stitckers on this page for weeks. It’s the last spread in my altered book Rooie, so now I can finish the outside of this book.
24 Fruit
Of course I had to use the zentangle Paradox for this prompt, it’s one of my favourite zentangles!
25 Paradox
Prompt 26 reminded me of the collage I made for ICAD last year, but now I wanted to do something different. It’s inspired by the word clouds you can make online. Wolk is Dutch for cloud.
26 Cloud
For prompt 27 I used the same photo as the self-portrait I made for the Mixed Emotions workshop.
27 Self-portrait
As you can see I have speed up the proces of making the Wonder31 prompts. I want to finish them this month, because I’m participating in ICAD in June and July. It will be my second year. You can read all about ICAD at Daisy Yellow.

donderdag 18 mei 2017

It’s a Teesha Rainbow - ORANGE

I’m participating in a series of swaps for Teesha Moore inspired patches with a rainbow colour. Orange is the second swap and we made 2 patches for our partners.
For my first patch I used a batik scrap with a cat, because my swap partner Jenny likes cats. I just quilted the outline of the cat and decorated the patch with some herringbone stitches. I used a running stitch for the border.
Jenny also likes crochet, so I crocheted a lizard and appliqued it to this striped fabric. I quilted the patch with a few rows of cross stitches. For the border I used a lot of French knots. I used this pattern to crochet the lizard.
And these are the patches I received for the first 2 Rainbow swaps. The red patches are made by Carol from Australia. The oranges patches are made by our swaphost Naomi from the USA.

zondag 14 mei 2017


I finished prompts 16-20 of Daisy Yellow’s Wonder31 prompts in my altered books. This is just a simple drawing with markers on an acrylic background.
16 Architecture
Prompt 17 was not so easy, I only knew I wanted to use this zebra in my spread. It took me some time to see it was a zebrapad, which is Dutch for crosswalk or zebra crossing.
17 Zebra
I drew these circles with markers on an acrylic background. My daughter told me this would be a nice fabric and I think she’s right!
18 Circles
This spread was inspired by the four-letter words spread I made last year. It was not easy to find so many different three-letter words!
19 Text or texture
Today I finished prompt 20. I used the playing cards of an incomplete set of cards.
20 Playing card

maandag 8 mei 2017

Maybelle Garden update

Last week I attached the last squares to my Maybelle Garden blanket. My husband was holding it for me, so I could take a photo.
Now all it needs is a border. I’m going to use one from this book, instead of the border from the original Maybelle blanket.

dinsdag 2 mei 2017


I finished prompts 11-15 of Daisy Yellow’s Wonder31 prompts in my altered books. I made a collage of prompt 11 and 12.
11 Darkness & 12 Light
I drew prompt 13 with a marker and coloured it in pencil. The drawing was inspired by this video.
13 Pencil
For prompt 14 I choose the lyrics of a mantra. The Ganesha sticker was a gift from my yoga teacher, he bought it in India a few years ago.
14 Lyrics
And for prompt 15 I made a collage on an acrylic background.
15 Chevron
The index card is only attached at the left side, so there’s something to see at the backside too.
15 Chevron