vrijdag 23 januari 2009

Chicken scratch 1

Years ago I bought some Gingham fabric with hearts. I'm not sure what I wanted to make, but now was the time to use it for the first challenge of Stitch Explorer. I started on a 12 inch square with 2 threads of white DMC. I used this tutorial. Then I did the same with red DMC.

I tried some cross stitches and made a woven square without the running stitches.

The next one I tried was double cross stitch. I laced them diagonal. The second diagonal was woven into the first one. On the left I used red and on the right white, for a better look.

For the next one I used the arrowhead stitch. But I was not so happy with the setting.

When I changed the setting, stars appeared!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke experimenten! De sterren zijn origineel en hebben een mooi effect. Ik ben zelf ook bezig, maar heb een te klein ruitje voor bepaalde variaties.

  2. Annet, some really nice variations. Isn't it surprising what a change in colour makes.

  3. This are so pretty and variations based on clour are so pretty.

  4. Amo esse tipo bordados. Obrigação. Deus abençoe.