vrijdag 23 augustus 2019

Art Journal Simple Prompts

I’m participating in a weekly challenge on Instagram: Art Journal Simple Prompts (#ajsp52w). The last few weeks I had not much time to blog, so here are week 29-33. The prompt for week 29 was 3. I collaged the Dutch quote for third time’s a charm.
The prompt for week 30 was 4. Again I did some hand lettering. Onder 4 ogen is Dutch for in private, but translated literally it’s under 4 eyes. The prompt for week 31 was 5 and again I did some hand lettering.
The prompts for week 32 was 6, which made me draw a house on number 6. The prompt for week 33 was 7, which made me make a nice collage.

maandag 19 augustus 2019

De nieuwe wending uitdaging

There’s a quilting challenge at the Dutch Quiltersgilde. This month we had to experiment with a crossed square block. I started drawing a lot of variations. It was not easy to decide which block I should make!
Of course I stitched my block by hand.
My finished block, I only changed the size of the parts and added a third colour.
And these are all blocks so far.

woensdag 14 augustus 2019

Stitch meditation

I made another stitch meditation square. You can read more about my stitch meditation project in this post.
stitch meditation 13

maandag 12 augustus 2019

Quirky Dutch Summer

Quirky Dutch Summer is a series of weekly blogposts at Marit’s Paper World with inspiration and tutorials.
In week 6 Willy Duit showed us how to make a book with envelopes. I made it some time ago, but had no time to blog about it. Staining the envelopes with tea didn’t work, so I used tea dye ink to add some colour to my envelopes.
I bound my book with 3 wooden buttons.
the front
the back
I’m not sure what to put in the pockets of my book yet, time will tell!
I made pockets on the inside of the covers too.
a closer look at the inside
I used postage stamps and napkins to decorate my book.

woensdag 7 augustus 2019

De nieuwe wending uitdaging

There’s a quilting challenge at the Dutch Quiltersgilde. This month we had to experiment with a churn dash block.
my churn dash variation
I finished it last weekend, just in time for the start of the next month.

maandag 5 augustus 2019


This year I participated in ICAD (Index Card A Day) for the 4th time. There was a weekly theme with daily prompts, which you can find at Daisy Yellow. I shared my cards on my Facebook blog and Instagram on the day I created them and wrote a weekly post with more info on this blog.

The prompt for day 60 was accordion, but I didn’t use it. I just made a nice print with one of my hand carved Carve December stamps.
The prompt for day 61 was symphony. I made a collage with music paper on a blue background and decorated it with stamped images.
These were the last cards for this year. I will make a box for my cards in the coming weeks, just like the one I made last year.