Friday, April 26, 2013

What’s on my needles?

Last week I started a new knitting project, the Ten Stitch Blanket. It’s so much fun to knit! The start is a small square and then you knit 2 corners, here I made the first half of my first corner.
The first completed corner.
And the second corner.
Then you knit and join as you go, so no sewing afterwards!
It already start to look like a spiral.
This is my progress until today.
I have no idea how big my blanket is going to be, I’m using the remaining yarn from my Hitchhiker shawl.


  1. Het is zo knap dat mensen dit soort patronen verzinnen. En wat heerlijk dat wij dat dan gewoon lekker kunnen breien. Ik vind het een super gaaf patroon. Some day, als ik tijd over heb....

  2. Think this is the same as Anneliese is knitting, a technique I had not seen before I saw hers. Very different and looks quite complicated until you get the hang of it I should think

  3. i really like the way this looks, and the colours are wonderful.


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