Saturday, April 13, 2013

Block 7 & 9

I finished 2 more blocks for Karen’s class Embroider, Embellish, Create. 
This is block 7. In the top right corner is a cuff from my daughter’s old blouse, for now it’s only appliquéd to the block. I already wrote about the first details here.
At the left side I made an Assisi flower garden of French knots.
The lace next to it has a whipped chain stitch with cotton a broder.
There was a small space left on my cloth and first I wanted to make a small pocket. Then I found the pleated fabric, perfect for this. I appliquéd a small circle and decorated it with French knots. The size of block 9 is 1½ x 8 inch or 3½ x 20 cm.
My unfinished cloth. Now I only have to finish block 8 for the bottom right corner.
My blocks are only attached with tacking stitches, so there are a lot of new seams to embroider!


  1. Wow, Annet, prachtig weer!

  2. Tha shadows of the French Knots in the Assissi flower garden first made me think they were holes!
    In the last picture we can see the beautiful shading of whites.

  3. this is a real treasure Annet, such imagination and creativity flow form you

  4. So beautiful, Annet!
    When you add piece #8, how large will your cloth be?

    1. I have no idea, I'll measure it when block 8 is attached.

  5. this block with delicate variations of white and natural fabric is gorgeous


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