Sunday, April 28, 2013

TAST 61, 62 & 63

I've been playing catch-up on my Take a Stitch Tuesday stitches! 

TAST stitch 61 is up and down feather stitch. I stitched it on block 8 for Karen's class Embroider, Embellish, Create. I stitched oyster stitches inside the up and down part of the stitch. The threads are cotton a broder.
TAST stitch 62 is raised cross stitch. I’ve used many different threads, ribbons and a fluffy yarn on my Aida sampler.
At the left is perle 5, at the right a funny fibres ribbon.
This is the base of a design I found in my book The stitches of creative embroidery.
The finished design. I added fly stitches, straight stitches, detached chain stitches and colonial knots. Perle 5 for the raised cross stitch and perle 8 for all other stitches.
A double cross stitch as the base for my raised cross stitch.
The finished raised double cross stitch with Caron Watercolours. Take a closer look at my raised cross stitch sampler in a different angle here.
TAST stitch 63 is scroll stitch, this time I’ve used perle 5. In the centre row I added beads after seeing this sample.
This is my way of adding the beads to the scroll stitch. Take a closer look at this detail here.
I still don’t like the scroll stitch, it disorganizes very easy as you can see in the blue row.


  1. Mooi. Ik vind nummer 61 het mooist. Die heeft met dat wit zo'n romantische uitstraling.

  2. Busy Bee, good of you to catch up, and with such lovely samples. The Raised Cross Stitch Flower has so many looks; you could make a whole bouquet of different flowers just by changing the thread/yarn. With beads you can anchor the Scroll Stitch and thereby control it a bit. Thank you for sharing your tips.

  3. lots for us to see today, a great variety of tast stitches


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