Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Old up and down feather stitches

TAST stitch 61 is up and down feather stitch. It was the first stitch I learned after Sharon’s encrusted class, so my sampler was very much inspired by that. The flower is made of spiral trellis stitch and detached chain stitches.
This is a detail of the last sampler I made for TAST 2010. I stacked up and down feather stitches with different threads and decorated it with beads.
A seam on ECQ 2, the second block I made for Sharon’s encrusted class. 
I decorated the up and down feather stitches with fly stitches and bullion knots.


  1. Such superb stitching Annet. Inspirational too.

  2. I really like your posts of 'old' TAST stitches. Firstly they are so inspirational as you always work many different styles, secondly the orderly fashion in which you display them (close up photos, labeling, linking) makes it so enjoyable to see.
    As I love both the Up and Down Buttonhole and Feather stitch I am sure I will love this combination.

  3. this stitch looks great on CQ, will be using it on my May block hopefully, april one nearly finished.

  4. As always you offer eyecandies! Thank you so much for sharing your stitches and your knowledge!

  5. Great to see the stitch used in many different settings.


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