Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Old scroll stitches

TAST stitch 63 is scroll stitch. I stitched this TAST 2007 sampler 4 years ago with stranded floss, the only threads I had at the time.
I started with 2 threads of stranded floss and didn’t liked the result.
Then I switched to 4 threads of stranded floss and made some scroll stitch doodles. 
I still wasn’t happy with the result. Not sure why, but I didn’t try stitching with a full thread of stranded floss.
This spiral was the last experiment on my sampler, it's stitched with 4 threads of stranded floss.
It was fun to read my old notes, I struggled with this stitch! I’m looking forward to give this stitch another try with different threads.


  1. Hallo Annet, als niet-weinig borduurster vraag ik me af waar TAST elke keer voor staat. Zijn dat een aantal steken, is het een afkorting? Ik vind het knap al die steken. Dat er zoveel verschillende zijn verbaast me nog elke keer.

    1. TAST is de afkorting voor Take A Stitch Tuesday. Iedere dinsdag komt er een nieuwe steek op Pin Tangle om een week lang uit te proberen. Er zit altijd in link in mijn postje naar de steek. TAST loopt nu al voor het 4e jaar en nog steeds komen er af en toe ook voor mij nieuwe steken voorbij.

  2. I, too, am very much looking forward to see what you do with the Scroll stitch this time, and compare the results.
    What I think is so charming with doodled Scroll stitches is the look of 'handwriting'.

  3. I see that this stitch like you found needs a thick thread to show it off at its best, glad I read your blog before I tried the stitch

  4. Thanks for sharing your trials with floss, and I look forward to seeing the results with different threads.

  5. A very nice looking stitch especially with thicker thread. Will have to try this one day!

  6. nice stitches. I have not yet done mine.

  7. i liked this pretty stitch when i did it with thick thread, but it's not at all stable. some of them fall apart when i work on something else nearby.


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