donderdag 2 september 2010

Woven trellis stitch

Yesterday I started with the woven trellis stitch. I tried a variety of different threads and started with a purple variegated Stef Francis perle 5. I added some green detached chain stitches with perle 12.For the next one I used perle 8 for the woven trellis stitch and perle 12 for the feather stitches.
I made 5 petals for this flowers with Stef Francis perle 5 and 3 drizzle stitches in the centre.
When I visited the Flickr TAST-group yesterday, I saw this lovely fuchsia. I knew I wanted to make one, because I had a fuchsia in my garden for years. Unfortunately it didn't survive the last winter! I used the colours of that one for my embroidered fuchsia. I used perle 8 for the flower and perle 12 for the stem in a whipped chain stitch.
This dragonfly started as a flower with 6 petals. When I finished the foundation stitches for 4 of them, they looked like the wings of a butterfly. But when they were woven, it looked more like the wings of a dragonfly. I made the body with a padded satin stitch. I just made 6 large straight stitches and made the satin stitch over them. I made a few extra straight stitches at the top of the body.
My finished sampler for week 27 is here.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the shades of purple and green,, just like my blog colours!

  2. Those flowers are just beautiful and the stitching is great.

  3. I like seeing how you've used these stitches. And I love that varigated purple thread!

  4. Lovely range of samples and the stitching is so neat.

  5. beautiful flowers..I lie the dragon fly..