Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rickrack hairpin lace

Last week I wrote about the burgundy rickrack hairpin lace. I like it very much and explored it a little further. I make the strips of hairpin lace while watching television, so I have a few at hand when I want to experiment. I used some different threads first. The top one is a thick shiny cream thread and I had to put the loom at a distance of 2 cm. This lace is 3 cm wide (about 1,25 inch). The bottom one is a cotton/metallic yarn. For this one and the other 2 below I could make the distance of the loom 1 cm again. This metallic lace is 2 cm wide (about 3/4 inch). I wanted to try a double row of rickrack lace. I made 2 strips of hairpin lace and crocheted only one side. Then I made a cable join with the other side of the strips. This first one is with a size 12 thread and it is 2,5 cm wide (about 1 inch).
This second one is made the same way, but with a mercerized cotton for a size 2 crochet hook. The size is 3 cm wide (about 1,25 inch).
I already have some more idea's for this technique, so the story will continue!

There's more information about hairpin lace at Stitch Diva Studio's.

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