Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Personal Library of Stitches 1

This weekend I started with Sharon's class Personal Library of Stitches. That's why I needed these scissors. I'm working on a postcard size sampler with border stitches. That's why I made all those rows! It's the first time I embroider on linen, I only have used it for cross stitching. While I'm working on this, I try to decide about the size I want to use for my sampler for this class.
These are the stitches I used:
  • a half finished Guilloche stitch (I stitched it too close to the edge to finish it!)
  • Cretan stitch
  • 3 rows of Portuguese stem stitches
  • straight single upright feather stitch with slipped detached chain stitches
  • Chevron stitch with Algerian eyes
  • stepped threaded running stitch
  • herringbone stitch with French knots
  • Chevron stitch variation


  1. Hello, fellow stitcher (I have also taken Sharon's class). I like your borders. The one with the Algerian eyes is my favorite. Thanks for sharing.


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