vrijdag 10 september 2010

Raised chain

The TAST-stitches for week 28 and 29 were posted at the same time, because the second one is a variation of the first one. I wanted to see the difference between the 2 variations of the raised chain, so I made them the same size and I used the same thread. For the ladder of straight stitches I used 2 threads of stranded DMC. The raised chain is done in Caron Wildflowers Springtime. The bottom one was the first one I made, it was supposed to be the first variation. But when I finished the variation in the middle, I looked at Sharon's tutorial again and saw I had misread the instructions. I skipped the first part of the stitch, because I thought it was only part of the first stitch. That's why I had to make a third one. So now I have 3 variations of the raised chain. I decided to experiment with the raised chain for week 28. I made a Vandyke stitch with Stef Francis perle 5 and made a row of the raised chain on both sides. At the left side from bottom to top and at the right side the other way round.
Then I remembered the variation of the Portuguese border stitch I made. I used perle 8 in blue and burgundy and started with a whipped wheel with a French knot in the middle. Then I made a circle of raised chain with burgundy. With the same thread I added some extra straight stitches between the blue ones. I'm glad I take a lot of pictures when I'm experimenting, because this looks nice too.
The next blue circle has twice as many stitches as the first one.
Then I added another burgundy circle. I didn't want to see the beginning and ending of every circle, so I made the last stitch a bit different. I took the thread through the beginning loop (the one over the first bar) from left to right. Then I took my thread to the back next to the loop of the last stitch. I hope this makes sence, I didn't take a picture of this step!

My sampler is not finished. I want to try the raised chain for week 29 on it too.

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  1. You stitches are so neat. I just love the circles and the colours you have used.

  2. It is so good to look at your samples! And very instructive. Nice that you gave the link on SF.