Saturday, September 18, 2010

Woven trellis pumpkin

We did some shopping this morning at a garden centre and I just had to buy some pumpkins. When I put them on my serving platter, I remembered the crocheted pumpkins I made last year. They match nicely with the ones I bought. This reminded me of an idea I had last week to embroider a pumpkin. I wanted a raised pumpkin and tried the raised chain. That didn't work, so I tried the woven trellis this time and that worked. The stalk is a padded satin stitch, the curl a whipped backstitch and at the bottom I made a few detached chain stitches. I used perle 8 for my pumpkin and it's height is 2,5 cm (1 inch).


  1. I didn't even realise some of those pumpkins were created at first ;p Clever you!

  2. Ik moest een tweede keer kijken, ze passen er idd heel mooi tussen.



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