woensdag 29 september 2010

Raised close herringbone stitch

This morning I wanted to do a few more borders on the sampler I showed yesterday. But I looked at the new TAST-stitch and I couldn't resist! First I made a few leaves with different threads. From left to right: perle 8, 3 threads of stranded DMC and Stef Francis perle 5. I found a slightly different variation in my embroidery book called overlapping herringbone. I tried this one with perle 12, but I didn't experiment with it.
I made a few more leaves on my sampler, even a padded one with felt, but then it was time to make some different shapes. This yellow experiment with perle 5 looks like a fishtail. I started it with the first raised herringbone in a V-shape with a long and a short leg.
For this tree in perle 5 I used brown for the larger straight stitch to make a trunk. The tree is almost 4 cm (1,5 inch) tall.
This last experiment with Stef Francis perle 5 started in the corner of my sampler. I didn't know what I was going to make when I started with the raised herringbone in a V-shape. It looked like it wanted to be a flower, so I added a few pistil stitches.
My complete sampler is here.

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  1. You have done a lovely set using this stitch

  2. Good attempts!! I loved the overlapping herringbone too.

  3. I like all your leaf variations. Yor are very creative.
    Your questions concerning the ion line class answered in the comment: