Sunday, September 12, 2010

Raised chain and variation

After my first experiments with the raised chain I wanted to try some variations. I knew about Deepa's fur stitch, so I tried it with some perle 8. It's a nice stitch, but it looks better in reality. I found some great experiments here and I liked the single raised chain stitches. I tried them with DMC perle 5 . . .
. . . and a variegated Stef Francis perle 5. I experimented with the size of the stitches. The first 2 rows are the raised chain, the bottom row is the variation from week 29.
These last 2 experiments are done in burgundy perle 8. On the left one I made the burgundy raised chain first and added a pink row with perle 12 on both sides. On the right one I added 2 beads to the straight stitches and embroidered the raised chain between them.
My finished sampler for week 28 and 29 is here.

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  1. Lovely sampler with some great variations.Loved the woven trellis sampler too. Very creative,Annet.


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