woensdag 4 juli 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - July 4

It’s Wednesday, time to show you the progress on my quilt. This week I grabbed my supplies, hooped my quilt and made the first stitches in the ditch. I only finished the biggest flower.
I enjoyed to see the change of my quilt with just a few stitches. There’s a bigger photo of this detail on my Flickr-page.
Sharon wrote a large post this week with lots of tips on how to manage large projects. For me planning the time is a big issue. Last month I kept a notebook at my side when I was stitching to write the beginning and ending time. Not only the stitching time, but I also included the time needed to get ready and the time to put it away again. It was a real eye-opener! 

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  1. Yes time to set up and put away is a huge issue in family life. I have a room now that means I can just close the door on it all. Before I had that however I kept what ever I working on in a one big plastic storage box in the bottom of my wardrobe. I would pull it out work on what ever it was toss everything back in and then put it away. It is probably one of the reasons I am organised still as when I worked full time I hated having my one afternoon a week spent looking for this or that thing in order to do something. That can be really annoying!

  2. Looking good, Annet! Thanks for the link--I'd missed this.

  3. the fabric is lovely you have used here, has an antique look to me and the work is immaculate.

    When I did my C & G we had to keep a record of time spent on ever project and yes I was amazed, if you wanted to sell work you could never get anywhere what you should for time spent on a design.

  4. This is looking really good. It must feel good to see your progress. Keep it up.