donderdag 19 juli 2012

Basque stitch

The TAST stitch for week 29 is Basque stitch. In my old TAST 2007 sampler I only used stranded floss. So now I stitched them with different threads, from top to bottom perle 12, 8 and 5.
Then I alternated the size of the stitches in variegated perle 5.
In the next 4 samples I did something different at the bottom of the Basque stitch. Here I added the first part of the fly stitch after finishing the row. The thread is stranded DMC, 2 threads of green floss and 1 thread blue Jewell effects.
Here I added a 2 mm bead to my thread before I made the second part of the stitch. At the second half of the row I added beads between the stitches too. The thread is perle 12.
Here I made a French knot to finish the twisted chain part of the Basque stitch. The thread is perle 5.
The last variation with different endings. Here I extended every second stitch with a chain stitch. The thread is perle 5.
This is the last sample on my red Aida, slanted stitches with perle 5.
I hope to share my finished red Aida sampler tomorrow when I added more beads to dot the i’s. There’s a bigger photo of my Basque stitches on my Flickr-page.

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  1. thank you annet for coming by my blog and commenting! it is always such a great encouragement! as it is an encouragement to see your use of the different threads, and usage of stitches - the basque stitch examples here are wonderful to see, and a great help for all of us! thank you for your postings!

  2. Wonderful hands: yours and the ones on the banner!
    Thanks for your posts!

  3. Beautiful variations. I like the stitch with beads and the extended stitich very much.

  4. Your various examples are so clear and a sure inspiration. Beads work well with the Basque stitch. Looking forward to your post tomorrow.

  5. The stitch with beads are very nice.

  6. I always enjoy your work. Very clear and varied. Inspires new ideas.