Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Old bonnet stitches

The TAST stitch for week 27 is bonnet stitch. This first sample is my TAST 2007 sampler. It’s stitched with 2 threads of stranded floss on muslin.
This is a seam on my ATC Autumn Fairy.
This seam is part of block 16 of my Crazy Monday quilt. Two opposite rows of bonnet stitches with bullion knots.
My last detail is a seam on block 6 of my Crazy Monday quilt. Two opposite rows of bonnet stitches with beads.
When I was flipping through my photo’s for this post, I noticed I only used 2 threads of stranded floss for this stitch. So this week I’m going to experiment with different threads, maybe I start with repeating some of these samples to see the difference.


  1. Thanks for sharing your previous TAST Bonnet stitches. Us 'newbies' can get a lot of ideas before we start!
    The last sample, with bead is very decorative, it looks like a structured braid.

  2. Annet, you have stitched them so beautiful..beaded one is great!!..I still have to practice to get the stitch perfect :)

  3. great to see your previous bonnets now looking forward to see what you will do this time. I had not heard of this stitch but had a little play yesterday and liked working it.

  4. Your previous stitch is so nice. Expecting to see the new one.

  5. Your stitches are always perfect. Thanks for offering this possibility to learn!


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