dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Old oyster stitches

The TAST stitch for week 30 is oyster stitch. It’s a stitch I struggled with the first time I tried it and this video helped me very much. It’s a stitch I often use, but it’s not always visible in my work. This first detail is part of my TAST 2007 sampler. It’s stitched on muslin with 2 threads of stranded floss.
The oyster stitch is a perfect tulip. This detail is part of block 3 of my 
Crazy Monday quilt. It’s done with stranded floss.
This is a detail on my woven trellis stitch sampler, a TAST 2010 stitch. 
I stitched oyster stitches with perle 5 to represent leaves.
There are lots of oyster stitches in my sumptuous embroidery Halloween and Relief, but it’s not visible any more. This is a detail on my sumptuous embroidery Touch. There’s an oyster stitch at the bottom of the whipped wheel. I think the thread is a perle 5.
This is the first stitch I couldn’t find in any of my stitch dictionaries.

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  1. Looks like a terrific stitch to learn. Thanks for posting your past photos of this stitch and I'll be sure to watch the video. Thanks for the link :)

  2. lovely examples! this is a beautiful stitch - I have been practicing and your examples help very much~ thank you!

  3. lovely samples. i like the red flower and orange buds.

  4. such beautiful embroidery Annet....

  5. fantastic samples of oyster stitch, thanks for sharing

  6. I alwys admire your even stitches and again thanks for sharing!

  7. Lovely samples. All your works and color combos are eye catching.


  8. Lovely stitch...I am following your blog. I would be happy to see you following mine.