woensdag 9 april 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday - April 9

Today my sewing machine came home, it’s repaired and I’m looking forward to finish the last pages of my TAST 2012 fabric book.

This week I finished a languishing project: my second pebble for the pebble adventure at StitchinFingers, which I started in March 2012.
The muslin for this pebble is rust dyed by me in a tin box. I wrote about that here. There are many TAST stitches on this pebble (clicking the name of the stitch will bring you to my post, clicking the TAST stitch will bring you to Sharon’s tutorial for the stitch):
buttonhole bars & whipped spokes (these are no TAST stitches)
ghiordes knot (no TAST stitch, but there’s a link to a video tutorial in my post)
I turned this second pebble into a CD ornament. The fabric is stretched over an old CD with batting, just like the backside. I attached an organza hanging loop and sewed both sides together. I couched fluffy knitting yarn to the edge of my ornament.
Work In Progress Wednesday is a support group to encourage people to complete languishing projects, Works In Slow Progress or UFO’s.
More info at Pin Tangle.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. That is a lovely way to use those samples mine still languish in a folder.

  2. Congratulations on completing another beautiful project! The rust coloured fabric is just perfect for the beach sand look.
    I really appreciate all the information on your blog posts and how easy you make it for the visitor to access the links.
    Great work, Annet!

  3. your pebble is a delight and what a good idea to use an old CD. Good to hear the machine is repaired. I picked up a rusty nail in the street the other day with a view to finding more so i could rust dye

  4. Your pebble is beautiful...I was visiting Stitchin Fingers this morning, had a look at our "Pebble Adventure" and found your latest pebble. Those were really fun to make weren't they?

    1. Thank you, this was a fun challenge indeed. I'm sure I wll use some of the tricks in my future work too.