zondag 6 april 2014

Easter Egg SAL 2

Last week I introduced this SAL with the first stitches. I finished all stitching, but forgot to take pictures before damp stretching it. Luckily I made a few progress photo’s.
From top to bottom: Portuguese stem stitch, 2 rows of backstitch, detached chain stitches ended with a colonial knot, a double row of running stitch and herringbone stitch.
At the bottom of the egg: a laced double row of running stitch and zigzag chain stitch.
Now I’m damp stretching my egg. I’ll share the details when it’s dry.
This free pattern is available at NeedleKnowledge.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. that is just lovely! What a great idea

  2. It is such a great way to decorate an Easter Egg with TAST stitches.
    What stitches are the orange loops?

    1. Yes, TAST stitches are great for this egg. The original pattern said which stitches to use, but of course I had to change a few of them. The orange loops are chain stitches, I wrote about them in my first post, the link is in the first line of this post.

    2. Sorry, I missed that first post as I was away. Thank you for keeping me updated.

  3. these stitches look so good as an egg

  4. A lovely Easter egg and nicely stitched!