maandag 7 april 2014

Easter Egg SAL 3

Yesterday I promised to share the details of the embroidery on my Easter egg after damp stretching, so here they are.
The detached chain stitches at the top are now decorated with a colonial knot. The double row of running stitch is laced twice with cotton a broder.
The herringbone stitch is turned into a double herringbone stitch.
The row at centre is made of twisted satin stitch (TAST stitch 89), detached chain stitch and colonial knots. The purple lines are alternating stem stitch.
Now I only have to turn it into an ornament.
The free pattern for this Easter egg is available at NeedleKnowledge.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful, Annet. The colonial knot to the detached chain is a great idea - will have to do that some day. Also love the double herringbone. Please show us the finished ornament.

  2. I really do not need another project, but the temptation to make one of these is HUGE. It turned out SO darn cute! I cannot wait to see the finished ornament.