vrijdag 11 april 2014

Beaded triangular buttonhole stitch

TAST stitch 102 is beaded triangular buttonhole stitch. TAST stands for Take A Stitch Tuesday, an embroidery challenge at Pin Tangle.
I used this stitch to decorate a seam on block 4 for my Crazy White quilt. I added slipped detached chain stitches and detached chain stitches in the valleys of the triangles. The threads are perle 8 and cotton a broder. Just click the photo to take a closer look at my stitches.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. oh how beautiful! A total white quilt, that sounds beautiful

  2. How incredibly cute! I originally planned to make a cream on cream crazy quilt. Then, I found all the other options out there and distracted myself. Your white on white is lovely! And the seam you created is fantastic.

  3. This is a lovely stitch for a crazy patch block!