woensdag 31 juli 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday - July 31

Last week I shared the last finished element on my long and short stitch sampler. This week I stitched the borders in stem stitch with 2 threads of the dark red stranded DMC that was already in the sampler. Then I damp stretched it. This sampler will be part of another fabric book.
A last photo of the DMC floss in this sampler. These threads were in a zip lock bag since I started this sampler in August 2009. Some colours have a yellow marking thread, because they were part of another project. If I only could remember which one!
Take a closer look at all elements and the finished sampler in this Flickr album.
You can find the pattern for this sampler here.

More info about Work In Progress Wednesday at Pin Tangle.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. The shading is so beautiful in your sampler. Doesn't it feel great to complete something that was started in 2009?

  2. I specially like the blue bit, as Queenie said the shading is lovely. Your stitching is always immaculate and shows how much love gores into what you are doing

  3. Thank you Annet for the link to the pattern. You did a beautiful job.

  4. Your stitching looks perfect, you have done a beautiful sampler and it will make a good addition to your fabric book!