Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bullion buttonhole

TAST stitch 71 is bullion buttonhole. I stitched a circle of bullion buttonhole stitches with perle 8 on my second pebble. I deliberately made too much wraps, so they would bent a little.
Then I used this as the base for my trellis stitches. I used cotton a broder and stitched 5 rounds of stitches, doubling the stitches in the last row. The colonial knots are done with perle 8.
I also stitched colonial knots around the trapped star button with perle 8 and wool.
Take a closer look at my bullion buttonhole here.


  1. The stitches look great for all the treasures on the beach.

  2. works so well as Queenie said


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