Monday, July 15, 2013

Wheatear stitch on my garden sampler

The third stitch for the &Stitches stitchalong is wheatear stitch. This stitch wasn’t new to me, but I never used it to stitch a flower. So I stitched a seam of wheatear stitches on my white cloth to see if the movement of the stitch inspired me. Later I was in the garden and saw my Hypericum, it looks just like single wheatear stitches! After blooming the Hypericum gets nice red berries. I stitched my wheatear stitches with perle 8 and added a colonial knot in the centre. I added fly stitches and feather stitches with perle 5.
Take a closer look at my garden sampler here and here.


  1. Wat mooi, en de samplers ook. Dat is echt hoge school werk.

  2. wheatear stitch has so many uses and you certainly have done it proud here.

  3. This is an excellent use of wheatear stitch, you have done a lovely embroidery!

  4. I wouldn't have thought of using it for a flower either. Turned out very nicely indeed!


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