Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday - July 3

Why do I start with a photo of a pair of scissors? Well, the result of me using this tool is a still unfinished quilt. But let me start where I left off last week. A few days ago I stitched the last stitches on the label of my quilt. The vase on my quilt is made of batik and I wanted the vase on my label to be different too. So I used rayon in the same colours as the batik, it has a lovely sheen.
This morning I added a strip of fabric to the edge of my label, like a continuous binding. When I was done I had some nice mittered corners, but the seam allowance made my label bulky. That’s when I used the scissors. I wish I had thought about the continuous binding, because . . .
 . . . this is how my corners look like right now! First I thought to hide the missing corners behind buttons or ribbon bows, but my quilt deserves better. There’s still some space around the embroidery, so I think I can safe my label. I only need to contrive how to do that. Suggestions are very welcome!
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  1. I do hope you figure this out....your label is a true labour of love. Perhaps you could also ask the question on flickr?

  2. If I were you I'd applique a patch of fabric over the cut corners. A heart, a four clover, a leaf...
    The label is so neatly stitched, I love the vase and the flowers.

  3. I like the applique idea. Perhaps butterflies and/or bees attracted to the beautiful flowers?

    Your work is beautiful!

  4. Queenie has come up with a great idea, we can usually always on her she is like you a font of informatiuon

  5. Your label is lovely, I think the applique idea is the best, I am sure that you will come up with something good!


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