dinsdag 2 juli 2013


This morning I was preparing to stitch the label at the backside of my quilt, so I could share a finished WIPW tomorrow. But then the mail arrived with Sharon B’s CQ stencils and I just had to play with them. I used it for the last seam on block 8 for Karen’s class Embroider, Embellish, Create. I stitched the scallops in cotton a broder and added slipped detached chain stitches in Caron Wildflowers.
Take a closer look at my scallops here.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. You have made good use of this great tool. Enjoy!

  2. like you I have got my stencils now too, but unlike you have not used them yet, hope to start my CQJP block for july next week and then they will be so helpful

  3. Your scallops are so beautifully stitched, Annet!