Monday, July 1, 2013

My work on Hideko’s block

Two days ago I made the last stitches on Hideko’s block for the round robin at Fibre Fever. I was the first person to work on it. This was the bare block that arrived at my home. Hideko used Japanese kimono patterned fabric.
This is the first seam I stitched: Chevron stitch with Stef Francis perle 5 decorated with straight stitches and French knots with stranded floss.
The second seam: feather stitches with perle 8 and oyster stitches with cotton a broder.
A floral spray with woven roses and French knot loop flowers in SRE. I added thorn stitch, fly stitch, oyster stitch, Granitos, detached chain stitch and lots of French knots.
Hideko’s block with my stitches.
Take a closer look at my work on Hideko’s block here and here.


  1. Annet,
    Thank you very much for your beautiful work on my block!! Hideko

  2. this is looking lovely, will be using the idea of feather stitch with the oyster stitch works so well together, overall some lovely seam treatments.

  3. it is nice to see how well the kimono silks go with Western embroidery. You have selected an interesting lot of stitches. Hideko herself makes such stunning blocks I know she will appreciate your work on this one.

  4. This is beautiful!



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