Friday, January 25, 2013

More damp stretching

I finally finished the last block for Karen’s class embroider, embellish, create.  
I wrote about the naked block here.
I took a few photo’s before damp stretching. This is a tied herringbone with cotton a broder.
French knots with cotton a broder at the edge and in rows to a point outside the block.
Knotted feather stitch with perle 8, the TAST stitch for this week. I’m not going to stitch samplers this year, I’m just going to use the stitches in the projects I’m working on.
Now I have to decide how to sew my blocks together, it will be a nice puzzle. Take a closer look at my block here.


  1. Damp stretching is really the best thing for embroiderers. I see that you will neither make a stitch journal but apply the stitches on whatever you are working. Like me. And I thought to add some stitches if they are similar to some of 2012 into the stitch book - at the side. I am working on this again.
    It will keep me busy for weeks.

  2. This is a beautiful block...I have two more to finish for my cloth for the class...glad to see I am not the only one who needs to finish!

  3. Hi
    First time to write to you
    Very nice work.

  4. Oh, it all looks so beautiful! I've just signed up for Karen's EEC course-can't wait!


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