woensdag 23 januari 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday - January 23

This week I tried to talk myself into adding temporarily blue strips on my sewing machine. It didn’t happen, I just added them by hand. Now it fits my quilting hoop when I quilt the border. I started at the bottom, I’m quilting the squares in the ditch. Only a few lines so far, but it’s much quicker than the basket weave pattern from the background.
the backside of my quilt
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3 opmerkingen:

  1. There are so many parts in making a quilt. Now you have reached the border and needed to add a 'support strip' so the quilt can go in the hoop. Have fun!

  2. Hihi, ik dacht al, wat maak jij nou voor border. Quilten in de ditch vind ik niet altijd makkelijk, soms moet je door zoveel lagen heen bij de hoekjes. Maar je maakt flinke vorderingen!

  3. this is coming along a treat, hand quilting is so relaxing I would much rather hand sew than do it by machuine