Saturday, January 26, 2013

Black sampler

Last Sunday I shared a photo of my black sampler while it was damp stretching. In the last few days I took lots of photo’s and a scan, so now I can share the details too. This is a donut bead with detached chain stitches in cotton a broder.
Crossed buttonhole stitches in perle 8 and berry stitches in cotton a broder.
At the left linked double chain in wool, at the right stacked Palestrina stitch in perle 5 and cotton a broder. Between those two lines I made oyster stitches in perle 8 and Algerian eyes with cotton a broder and Rainbow Gallery Treasure Braid.
The two rows at the left are single knotted buttonhole stitches with cotton a broder with buttonhole stitches below in Rainbow Gallery Treasure Braid. I added a bead to the knotted buttonhole stitch in the centre row. At the left a stacked up and down buttonhole stitch with cotton a broder and DMC 80.
I made a large ¼ buttonhole wheel cup in the bottom left corner with perle 8.
My complete sampler is here.


  1. so good to see close ups of all your stitches.

  2. Mooi, al die detailfoto's. Het lijkt me trouwens heel lastig om te borduren op een zwarte ondergrond. Ik ben daar denk ik te kippig voor ;-0
    Fijn weekend en groetjes,

  3. You have made some nice combinations, especially the various buttonhole stitches make new looks. White thread on black fabric is striking, almost like chalk marks on a blackboard in school.


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