Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

It’s time to look back on my creative goals from last year. My first goal was to make samplers for TAST 2012. I’m happy to say I stitched all stitches. After the last stitch I had some partial finished samplers left. My couching and running stitch sampler only needed a border. At the time I had no idea what stitch to use, but after stitching the alternating stem stitch on my grey linen sampler I knew this was it! I stitched it with perle 5.
I also had to take a photo of my complete Aida sampler with the last stitches.
Now I’m working on a white sampler that only had Cretan stitch and knotted loop stitch. I printed a list with the stitches from TAST 2012 and started adding stitches. It’s almost finished, this is the result until now.
My second goal was to finish a few Work In Slow Progress projects. It didn’t work very well, so I was very happy when Sharon started Work In Progress Wednesday. I picked up an old quilt and finished a lot of the quilting. I haven’t touched it since my last post, but I’m planning a progress post next week.
My last goal was to work samplers for Sharon’s stitch files. Well, I made 2 in the first week of 2012 and then TAST started. It was just too much to work on both.
So this year I’ll have 2 creative goals: I will be participating in TAST 2013 and continue quilting and write about it in my Work In Progress Wednesday posts. But I’m sure there will be other creative things to write about.


  1. Je hebt een heleboel werk verzet in 2012. En ik vind het knap dat je alle steken van TAST hebt gemaakt, wat een discipline!
    De sampler vind ik heel erg mooi geworden. Misschien ga ik toch kijken of ik wat kan met de TAST 2013... hopelijk kan ik er tijd voor vinden, haha.
    Groetjes en veel creatieve inspiratie in 2013.

  2. Always enjoy seeing what you have been up to, your stitching is always inspiring. I'm evaluating what I would like to get done this year. Haven't done too good at staying on task the last couple of years maybe this is the year!

  3. Hi Annet I wanted to swing by and wish you and yours all the best for the new year and read this! Great to see your sampler - love the look of it in the second photo. Great to hear you will stitching along this year too - I have some new variations for folks too.

  4. well done Annet love the sampler of stitches. You are an inspiration to us all and look forward to your blogs in 2013 can`t wait to see your quilt finished and what you are going to come up with this year.

  5. I wish you an happy new year, Annet

  6. Everything you do is an inspiration to me. I am especially fond of the AIda sampler and can't really take my eyes off it.


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