Friday, May 18, 2012

Block 2: seams embellished

All seams on my second block for Karen’s class embroider, embellish, create are done. This seam is a combo of buttonhole stitch and cross stitch with cotton a broder. At the left there are French knots inside the machine embroidered fabric.
I used my new thread for them, DMC rayon.
At the top there’s part of my ruching. It’s not finished yet, it will be my last task for this block, because I’m planning to add beads too. I stitched more French knots at the seam. The lower seam is just 2 rows of running stitches with French knots.
On this seam I stitched a half chevron stitch with perle 12. It was last week’s TAST stitch. I’m going to add something to this seam, but I wanted to wait for today’s lesson.
The last seam on this block. I secured the scalloped edge with French knots in cotton a broder.
My block is not finished, but I damp stretched it. Hope to share a photo tomorrow.


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