Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Old bullion knots

The TAST stitch for week 20 is the bullion knot. I learned the bullion knot in TAST 2007, so I share that sampler first. It’s only 2½ cm or 1 inch tall. The thread is
2 strands of stranded floss. I stitched this with my between quilt needle, I had no embroidery needles at the time!
This is a seam on block 5 of my Crazy Monday quilt. Fly stitches with bullion knots, stitched with 2 threads of stranded floss.
A seam on my ATC Crazy Apples. Up and down buttonhole stitch with large bullion knots. Again 2 threads of stranded floss.
This butterfly is part of the crazy block I made for TAST 2010. It’s stitched with 2 threads of stranded floss. Detached chain stitches, straight stitches, French knots and a bullion knot body.
A rosebud on my up and down feather stitch sampler. Two bullion knots with perle 8 inside a fly stitch with perle 5.
This last detail is part of my embroidery Touch. I stitched it last year for Sharon’s Sumptuous Embroidery class. It's also the header of my blog. I'm not sure about the thread, I think it's a cotton perle.


  1. All of your bullion knots look terrific! Thanks for posting all your pictures. I've done this stitch before a few times so thankfully I know how to do this one.

  2. A lot of bullion knots!!! my nightmare!!! Thank you for your post.

  3. WOW ! Such lovely examples of bullion knots. They all look so even. I especially love your butterfly and rosebud. I am still a bit behind with TAST 2012. Marion x

  4. lovely bullions they are one of my favourite stitches

  5. wonderful experiments with this stitch.thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the butterfly. it is lovely

  7. Beautiful! I especially like the butterfly.


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