woensdag 16 mei 2012

Padded surface

Karen showed us how to make a padded surface in her class and I just had to try this on my first block. It was so much fun to manipulate the fabric. I combined it with this week’s TAST stitch the bullion knot. Let me show you some details of my padded surface. This is a buttonhole lace pocket with a few French knots inside.
Bullion knots with cotton a broder. My first bullion knot was a mess, I frogged it. Then I remembered Sharon’s tip and wrapped my thread counter clockwise. It was a big difference!
Large bullion knots with the same thread. Here I wrapped my needle about 15 times!
More French knots.
Whipped spokes.
A whipped wheel with French knots. Here you can see the difference in the threads I used. Both are ecru cotton a broder, but the 2 French knots at the left are a size 16, the others a size 25.
There’s a photo of this complete padded surface on my Flickr-page.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. dit lijken me heel moeilijke steken heb ze trouwens nog nooit gezien

  2. I love your little pocket so much.....

  3. this is a delight to see and to read how you went about it.
    Will try Sharon`s tip I have always wrapped clockwise

  4. your work always makes me smile.
    very nice and the raised wrapped bullions are wonderful~!