Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shopping in Amsterdam

Next month Karen’s class embroider, embellish, create starts and part of the fun is shopping for supplies. My youngest daughter lives in Amsterdam and yesterday we went to the Albert Cuyp, a large street market. We had a lovely time, chatting and shopping. Of course I show you some of the things I bought. This is embroidered fabric with circles . . .
. . . and another one with a pretty edge.
There was a market stand with lots of shawls and I bought a lovely embroidered one with a scalloped edge for € 1,-!
I bought some lace in different whites . . .
 . . . and two wide pieces of lace, the bottom one is 14 cm or 5½  inch.
I also found some great Gingham fabric. I don’t need it for this class, but it was a must have.
When I was looking for black floss for my stem stitch sampler, I saw some new embroidery threads I wanted to try. The thread on the left is a pale blue DMC Pearlescent Effects and the second one from the left is a white DMC rayon.
This is a detail of my stem stitch sampler. I think I have enough black floss now to finish it.
The fabric is red linen, but my camera disagrees!


  1. Such lovely purchases! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. you have made some lovely fabric choices....and my son was in Amsterdam last week!! small world....he didn't bring home anything as lovely as the cloth you have bought...


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