Saturday, February 18, 2012

Detached chain stitch

The TAST stitch for week 7 is the detached chain stitch. I’ve stitched on 3 different samplers this week. The first one  is my rust dyed fabric with buttonhole stitches. Now I added detached chain stitches with the same threads: blue stranded floss, brown broder special and light blue Caron Wildflowers.
My next experiment was on black linen. I tried to stitch a pattern of detached chain stitches with perle 8, it looked much better on paper.
A combo of feather and detached chain stitches on grey linen. Left perle 8 and Caron Watercolours, right perle 5 and DMC broder special.
Today I added some detached chain stitches to my pebble. I mixed them with lots of French knots.
This pebble is to blame that  I didn’t experiment much with the detached chain stitch. It’s very addictive! You can read more about this pebble adventure here.


  1. Like your Detached Chain stitching. Oh, and your pebble stitching ... gorgeous.

  2. I think the white on black pattern would work great in a setting. I don't think it's bad by itself. I'm intrigued by the rust dyed sampler.

    Airy Nothing


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