zondag 12 februari 2012

Chevron stitch

There was no time to stitch the Chevron stitch for TAST this week, but I doodled a lot of samples. This weekend I just made time to stitch some of them. I continued working on the same sampler as last week’s experiments and I repeated a few of them with Chevron stitches. My first border is a combination of Chevron and Cretan stitch with perle 8 and Caron Wildflowers.
After adding the beads I had more idea’s to expand this border, but no space on  my sampler to do that. I just made a doodle so I remember how I want to stitch it on my new CQ block.
My second experiment is 2 rows of Chevron stitches with perle 5. I just slanted the stitches in the centre to make a wonky border.
Then I added the pink beads.
I repeated the last herringbone stitch border with Chevron stitches. The threads are Caron Watercolors, Stef Francis spun silk with flames and perle 8.
The same row after adding the beads.
Then I repeated my second green herringbone border with Chevron stitches. Caron Wildflowers for the Chevron stitch and DMC broder special for the buttonhole stitches. It’s not as nice as the herringbone variation.
A combo of half Chevron half herringbone stitch with 2 threads of stranded DMC.
Here I added a second mirrored woven row with Caron Wildflowers.
My last border started with Chevron stitches in perle 5.
Then I stitched fly stitches with Caron Watercolors at both sides.
 I wanted to stitch detached chain stitches inside the fly stitches, but there was no space left! There’s a photo of this TAST 2012 border sampler on my Flickr-page.

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