zaterdag 4 februari 2012

Herringbone stitch

The TAST stitch for week 5 is the herringbone stitch. Last month I finished my stitch file herringbone sampler and planned some freestyle embroidery for TAST. It didn't happen. Sharon suggested to combine the herringbone stitch with one of the stitches presented in TAST this year and that’s what I did. I sketched a lot of examples and stitched some of them. This first one is stitched in DMC broder special. The light green stitch is a combo of the herringbone and the Cretan stitch. I decorated it with cross stitches.
A combo of herringbone stitch and buttonhole stitch in perle 8 and DMC broder special.
Another combo of herringbone and buttonhole stitch. Here I used the buttonhole stitch to tie the herringbones. The threads are perle 8 and Caron Wildflowers.
Three rows of herringbone stitches tied with a buttonhole stitch in the centre. I flipped the arms of the buttonhole like the Cretan stitch. The herringbone stitches are stitched with perle 5, the buttonhole stitches with Caron Watercolors for the first row and Caron Wildflowers for the other two.
Here I used fly stitches to tie the herringbone stitch. The threads are perle 5 and Caron Wildflowers.
A combo of herringbone, Cretan and buttonhole stitch. Stef Francis spun silk with flames for the herringbone, 2 threads of DMC satin for the Cretan and Caron Wildflowers for the buttonhole stitches.
 A variation with 3 rows of herringbone stitches, a big one with perle 5 and 2 smaller woven herringbones with DMC broder special and Caron Wildflowers.
I stitched a square herringbone on a piece of black linen with white perle 12. It was not easy to take a photo of it, it looks better in reality.
This border is part of my PLOS border sampler. It’s a combo of herringbone and Cretan stitch.
I made this ATC in January 2008, when I started with the TAST 2007 stitches. It’s all stitched with 2 threads of stranded DMC.
There’s a bigger photo of these borders on my Flickr-page.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the square herringbone and the triple row! Nice inspirations, thanks.

  2. Lovely examples. I really like the Cretan/Herringbone sample.

  3. I can not even start to comprehend where all your inspiration comes from. Kathy

  4. Oh I love the way you combined those, wonderful, thank you for sharing!

  5. It amazes me that once one starts thinking of variations they just keep comming to mind. Added to that is the fact that eveyoneseems to start at the same point and then go off in different directions. Great sample.

  6. Hi Annett, All the different variations are amazing. Your ATC from 2008 is fabulous with lots of interesting ideas for the herringbone. Thanks Dianne.

  7. enjoying this TAST stitch revival. fantastic.

    1. Me too. And it's fun to see my old work and the old samples of others too!