Monday, December 6, 2010

Work In Slow Progress 9

The last time I wrote about my Dear Jane quilt was in January. After that I neglected her again, because I was very busy with TAST and the online classes. A few days ago I wanted to quilt again, so I quilted the last patched triangles of my Dear Jane quilt. This triangle is the last one on the right side of my quilt. In the original quilt it's on the bottom row. And this is the corner triangle at the bottom right side. In the original quilt, Jane A. Stickle used it to embroider her info on it. I'm not going to do the same, I just make a label for the back of the quilt.
This is a detail of the corner triangle.
Now I only have to quilt 7 triangles between the patched ones. My quilt is not as big as the original. I made 16 squares, 16 triangles and 4 corner triangles, all handpieced and handquilted. I recently found a photo of the original quilt here.

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