woensdag 22 december 2010

Kiko's flower

This morning I made the last stitches on my sampler for Kiko's flower. Of course I started with a flower. I added French knots and pistil stitches. Then I made a row of Kiko petals and flipped them from side to side. I used a variegated Stef Francis perle 5 and added some green French knots.
This row has a base of Chevron stitches. I stitched the Kiko petals in the V's.
Yesterday I wrote about the snow on the Hedera in my garden. It looked like a row of bullion stitches at the edges of the leaves. It inspired me to make a Christmas tree. I used a buttonhole stitch with perle 5 for the tree and stitched bullion knots at the edges with perle 12. The bottom row is a raised cup stitch. My complete sampler is at my Flickr-page.
I wish you all a
and a Happy New Year.

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