Friday, December 10, 2010

Buttonholed double chain

I returned to the buttonholed double chain again. I wrote about my first try here. This time I just stitched it on my TAST-sampler. I started with the yellow row at the left side. I had the same problems as the first time, but after a few stitches I saw how it was supposed to look. Then I stitched the purple row and made it wider. This looked much better, but I didn't like the beginning and ending of the rows. I started the variegated row the same as the Turkman stitch (aka double chain). The orange row is started with 2 open chain stitches and ended with the buttonholes. I started the last purple row at the right side with a buttonhole bar. This was how I wanted it to look! Then I played a little with the name buttonholed double chain. I stitched the Turkman stitch (aka double chain) in yellow and buttonholed the zigzag in purple.
And I tried some freestyle stitches too, I like it!
My complete sampler is on my Flickr-page.


  1. I agree with you the beginning and ending with a buttonhole bar is much nicer.
    The buttonholing over the Turkman is great. I also like your freestyle versions.

  2. De "vrije" steken geven een heel mooi effect, dat je goed kunt gebruiken in andere werkstukken denk ik.

  3. Very beautiful) Please, say me - how to learn do it?

  4. Olga, if you click the link buttonhole double chain in the first line of the text you find the tutorial for this stitch.


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