woensdag 1 december 2010


This is my last project for Sharon's class Personal Library of Stitches. It started with a whipped backstitch outline of Nefertiti on October 31 and I made the last French knots on November 26. The size is about 5 x 6 inch (13 x 16 cm). The pulled thread is a Finnish stitch. The crusted part is made of these stitches: buttonhole bars, buttonhole wheels, buttonhole wheel cups, cast on stitches, cross stitches, drizzle stitches, Eastern stitches, French knots, Palestrinas stitches, Sorbello stitches and whipped wheels. The border is a Portuguese stem stitch. There's a bigger photo of Nefertiti on my Flickr-page.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful!! Really very striking :)


  2. You have really created a beautiful piece of artwork. Amazing!!

  3. Oh! She's beautiful!


  4. Stunning! I have enjoyed watching this take shape. It is so beautiful!

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