zondag 10 januari 2010

Twisted satin stitch

For this stitch I first used orange DMC broder special in the right bottom corner. Then I tried a full thread of green stranded DMC above it. That was not a success, the stitch is hardly visible. Then I switched to perle 5 in red next to it and that worked very well.
I also found this stitch in my embroidery book ‘Embroidery Stitches’ by Mary Webb and she suggested to use 2 colours or a coarse thread to highlight the twist. I made 2 rows of satin stitches in perle 5 to try that, one in black and one in green. For the green row I used yellow perle 5 for the twist and I altered the direction in some stitches. For the black row I used green perle 5 for the first 8 stitches and pink knitting yarn (Himalaya Evan from this cardigan) for the remaining stitches. The row in orange DMC broder special and yellow perle 5 is a variation. Instead of going through the same holes to make the twist I went through the fabric a little left at the bottom and right at the top. Then I tried some beaded stitches with orange DMC broder special. First a few like Sharon described and then I added another bead after the twist before you make the last stitch. It’s a nice stitch for my crazy quilting.

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