zaterdag 16 januari 2010

Drizzle stitch

The drizzle stitch was not completely new to me. I did a few of them on my Assisi dragon (above his head in medium pink). But now I was inspired by Elizabeth’s beaded drizzles. It took me some time to figure out how to do that. I added the beads before I made the cast on loops. Then I slid a bead down after every 3 loops and I ended with a bead on the end of the drizzle stitch. I made drizzles with only a bead at the end and drizzles without beads too. I tried different threads: DMC broder special (orange), 4 threads of stranded DMC (red) and perle 5 (yellow). It’s a great stitch, but difficult to photograph!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. That is an interesting stitch, thanks for putting the link in. I can see several great uses for this stitch.

  2. That's a very neat stitch. I'm going to have to find somewhere to use it on the Stumpwork RR that's starting soon.

  3. Appreciate you explaining how to add the beads. I've never done the stitch before, but I have done bead crochet and embroidery so i get the concept.