Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work In Slow Progress 3

First the bad news! While I was sewing the binding to this little quilt, I saw some damage on 2 places! To draw the quilting lines I used a marker that you can remove with an iron. The marker disappeared, but it left a bleached line! This happened because I used fabric that was not washed, so the chemicals in the fabric reacted on the chemicals in the marker. On the white fabric I used a water soluble marker. The water I had to use to remove it made the red fabric bleed to the white fabric beside! Luckily I didn’t use much water, so it’s not so obvious.And now the good news! Hidden in the back of my cupboard I found the embroidery for the label I made a long time ago. I used a pattern from the same book as the other patterns.
Now I only have to embroider the text on it (I don’t like to write it). And I have to finish sewing the binding at the back of the quilt. This is the matching fabric I used for it.

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  1. Isn't it awful when colours bleed. It doesn't look to bad but I bet your eye will always pick it out. Love the backing fabric so pretty.


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