Saturday, January 2, 2010

Work In Slow Progress 1

This year I wanted to give myself a boost to finish a few of my projects I started through the years. There are a few of them on my blog already. In January 2008 I wrote my last post (only in Dutch) about my Fancy cats quilt, but I never showed the result. The top is not finished yet, it still needs a border. In June 2008 I finished a wrought-iron gate with a cottage on the background fabric. I didn’t know what to do with it and I still don’t know. In August 2008 I wrote about a trapunto pillow. After that I finished the quilting part and forgot all about it! And in April 2009 I wrote my last post about my Dear Jane quilt. After that I quilted a few triangles, but it still isn’t finished!But there’s more! From time to time I want to show you some of my work in slow progress (WISP). I don’t want to call them UFO’s (UnFinished Objects), because I’m still working on them! Today I want to show you a special embroidery project I started in 1981!!! It’s an embroidery of the Gorse Fairies (35 x 45 cm or 14 x 18 inch) and it was a birthday present from my DH, at that time my boyfriend. I haven’t seen it for many years and I looked at it a few weeks ago. I carefully ironed it on the back and made a picture. The bigger part of it is done, so I really want to finish it this year.


  1. Dat zijn goede voornemens Annet, ik hoop dat het je lukt!

  2. It looks nice, and I hope it will work just fine.

  3. Wow, that looks geat.
    A happy new year to you, too. Wish you can finish some of your works in progress.

  4. What a sweet design! I look forward to seeing the completed work in your flickr stream before the end of the year. :^)


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