Friday, January 18, 2013

Lapis Legit with green pandan and whipped cream

I finished the parts of this petit fours a couple of days ago, but still had to put the pieces together. The pattern is designed by Grietjekarwietje. Of course Cindy came to see what I was doing.


  1. Leuk, de foto van je kat met het gebakje. Ze zijn altijd zo lekker nieuwgierig, hè...

  2. You don't need to be a cat to want to have a nibble of your sweet! Is that whipped cream 100% fat free?

  3. looks delicious, both the cat and the cake. I can imagine Cindy does a lot of investigating when you are being creative, cats are so inquisitive. So tempted to get one I am a cat lover, been without for 9 years and do miss the company but need burglar alarm altering and cat flap installing so will have to put that idea off for the moment.
    Both daughters have a cat so make the most of theirs when I viist.

  4. Very cute and real looking. Your cat thinks so too :)


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